Search tips

Use the search box to find tablets and photographs. CaLiBRA will do its best to interpret what you are searching for.

Examples of search terms and how they are interpreted are:

Search term e.g. will find
Site prefix PY All tablets from Pylos
Series prefix Cn All tablets from series Cn
Site prefix and series prefix PY X All tablets in series X from Pylos
Abbreviated series prefix PY A-
All tablets in series A, Aa, Ab etc.
You can omit the site prefix
Tablet identifier PY Aq 64
Aq 64
PY 64
A specific tablet
You can omit the site prefix or series prefix
Hand identifer H21 All tablets by hand 21
Stylus identifier S186 H21
All tablets in stylus 186 of hand 21
You can omit the hand identifier
Class identifier Ciii All tablets in scribal class iii
Plate identifier Pylos.1
All photographs on a specific plate
Tablet or plate number 121 All tablets with serial number 121 and all photographs with plate number 121
Comma-separated list Aq 64, Aq 218, H2 Anything which matches any of the criteria: in this case, tablets Aq 65, Aq 218 and all tablets by hand 2
Complex search term (Aq, Cn) and (64, 3) Tablets in the Aq or Cn series which have a serial number or plate number of 64 or 3