Welome to the Cambridge Linear B Research Archive.

The archive currently hosts a searchable database of photographs of the Linear B tablets from Pylos.

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Tablet and photograph search

Type a tablet identifier into the search box to find tablets. Examples include Cn to find all tablets of the Cn series, A- to find tablets of series A, Aa, Ab etc.

Find a specific tablet using its serial number with its site prefix and/or series prefix, e.g. PY 64, Aq 64.

Use a scribe identifier (H21), stylus identifier (S4) or class identifier (Ciii) to find tablets by scribal information.

If you know a plate number for the Pylos photograph set you can use that too. Examples are Pylos.1 and Pylos.1.3.

Use a list of search terms separated by commas to find tablets and photographs which match any of the criteria, e.g. Aq, Wr, H4, Pylos.96 to find tablets in the Aq series, the Wr series, tablets by hand 4 and plate 96 of the Cincinnati set of Pylos photographs.

More complex search terms can be built up using brackets and the and operator, e.g. (Aq, Cn) and (3, 64).