Cookies are small files which sit on your computer and record specific interactions between you and this website, and, in some cases, other websites. This information is sometimes shared with the University of Cambridge, and in other cases, third parties. Below is more detail about the cookies we use, what they record and who the information is shared with. You are of course free to disable cookies in your browser at any time, but if you do, some features will not be available.

Functionality lost by disabling cookies

If you disable cookies some functionality will not be available, namely:

  • You will not be able to log in to CaLiBRA to manage your account and access personalised content.
  • Some search features will not be available
Cookies set by us
NameMore informationShared with
CookieConsentStops the cookie consent banner from being displayed on successive visits.Nobody
ASP.NET_SessionIdIdentifies your session on the website and enables information to persist between pages.Nobody
__RequestVerificationTokenUsed to ensure the security of information you exchange with the website.Nobody
Enable you to log-in to the website.Nobody
Cookies currently on your computer

Here you can see all the cookies we are currently storing on your computer along with their contents.

Cookie Value
ASP.NET_SessionId djxcg3g2zfba4pnzm3xtfp1x
CookieConsent asked